Monday, September 17, 2012

Cashton Fall Fest 5km - 8 Sep 2012

Jason and I ran the 5km race in his hometown of Cashton last weekend.  It was a beautiful Fall day, sunny and cool; just right for a run.  The course weaved around through town, with a lot of turns and small hills.  For me, it was more fun than running on long straight aways.  Jason started out pretty fast (like the grade school kids he was competing against).  It took me a while to catch him, but he was pretty well cooked after 0.5 miles.  I finished first overall in "17:07", though I doubt that time was accurate.  I didn't wear a watch, but suspect my time was more like 18:07.  Jason came in 5th at 18:40.  I love these affordable local races.

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Ryan Bakkestuen, Dan Goltz, Jason Mowery and Brennan Cody

Driftless Endurance is group of athletes from Southwest Wisconsin who train together and compete in triathlons, running, biking and canoe races.  We just got these new tri suits made by Mt Borah in Coon Valley, WI.  We are thankful for support from Go Macro and Kickapoo Coffee - two great local companies right here in the Driftless Region.